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Rifles Weekend Cup

Rifles Weekend Cup
  • DATE

    22 Feb, 2021

  • TIME

    13:00 UTC



Cup Information

We are pleased to announce that the registration for our rifles only weekend competition is now live! Please find information about the upcoming competition below.

If your team is looking for players or you are clanless and looking for a team, then head over to the vcodd.gg Discord and check out the #recruitment channel: https://discord.com/invite/9RpWkEyzkY.

Registration Opens: 22nd of February 2020, 15:00 GMT.

Registration Closes: 11th of March 2020, 20:00 GMT.

Cup Format: Group stage followed by a double elimination knockout.

Maps: Group stage – pre-picked. Knockout stage - pre-picked. Grand Final - teams pick their own map.

Map Pool: Bocage, Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, German_Town, Harbor, Hurtgen, Neuville, Pavlov, Powcamp, Railyard, Rocket, Stalingrad and Tigertown.

Schedule: The groups will be drawn on the 11th of March, after registration has closed. On the 12th of March, the competition will go live! Only sign up if you are willing to complete all of your games! Not completing the fixtures will have an impact on your chances of entering future competitions.

Groups will be drawn at random, taking into account seeding. 12th March: The competition begins between 18:00-19:00 GMT and teams are expected to complete all group matches. The top 4 teams will progress into the knockout bracket. 13th March: The competition begins between 15:00-16:00 GMT and teams are expected to complete all knockout matches. If there are unforeseen delays in the competition, the 14th of March will be used to complete the grand final.

Players: You are allowed to sign up a maximum of 8 players in 1 team. You will need to include the GUIDs of your players when registering - we will not accept teams with missing GUIDs.

Anti-Cheat: Veritas 2.0.4.

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/vcodgg.

Prize: N/A.

A list of the registered teams, group standings, results from the competition and knockout bracket information can be found below.

Registered Teams:

  • Defying Logics – razRR#9282: razRR (49d5ce5c), tanek (45395642), Shuya (34902b76), 1ceyyy (7a5a1c92), extence (e3fdfb11), faa1th (df4ace91), f z U (64eca371), ryaaaN (289b74e8) FULL ROSTER
  • EURO – Explode#9497: Explode (2ebeed51), Fantasy (4dca5c58), Devin (3ab091be), Oane (3c94a672), Virax (9a8b5a02), t1MSKE (0f5eaefe), Vicious (bb9b4c66), reazon (7e240cf1) FULL ROSTER
  • barbeque – K33NB34N#3227: Masi (dc2ccf68), dusty (78218880), iradexz (1ea998ee), Crawler (38c4b307), fenaa (705aa7e1), Don (9b133c60), anglhz (0b3c46f3), aluM (90e5682a)
  • lobiiX – Stephano#8517: WhiteShadow (fbb05bed), JANNUSZZZ (505373f9), Portiss (1f9e4109), Windje (59f1df04), Dieharder (3c46881f), Yeti (581379bd), JDX (035652eb) FULL ROSTER
  • drunktality – FLAAASH#2583: FLAAASH (e4c12abe), opfii1ee (c9b894d4), VENXZRR (58a9ba94), artreetis (b322fa7c), nanaaa (22b45e3b), qT (a54e60a9), prm (b1863fe5), bAUMI (37748725) FULL ROSTER
  • LOGIK – spln#0405: Spleen (4fa01519), Caillera (63a24b31), Commando (aa42e9f9), Ice (cd84cfac), jAzz (46f7b774), Lithiumz (9c83253c), Pol (12c95aad), Many (0643008b) FULL ROSTER
  • the2gaming – eichh#7615: eichh (5e83660f), DzR (6eb98274), vanja (d0737ecd), motya (418fd8f6), fanxler (2ac90578), onetwooz (68047edb), trane (3c3d6f9e), cheekz (0b23f157) FULL ROSTER
  • Youhate – skz#2642: skz (a2c0b9de), fe@r (e81bc4f3), inferN (a5d2e9f0), Achille (ff171708), FURYY (0c42765b), Clad (a9f0cc76), rizah (aece53e9), vdk (0c5ab238), Blizzard (5fc35d87) FULL ROSTER
  • Affecto – MAZU#2568: MAZU (3d66ead8), pl3b (b7e022c8), MORTEK (a029ca98), loftzu (8379bf96), azziee (9ba4157c)
  • A7X – ax1fer#7504: ax1fer (0f363765), braun (f80cd14c), fissure (42d8a995)), majkieh (06a85fbb), ravz (82646aa8), voy4k (a1f91310)

Results – Group A:

Results – Group B:



Results - UB Quarter Finals:

Results - LB Round 1:

  • t2g [1] - [2] youhate# ~ (Depot + Rocket) - Golden Map (Carentan)
  • #AFFECTO [2] - [0] A7X ~ (Depot + Rocket) - Golden Map (Carentan)

Results - UB Semi Finals:

Results - LB Round 2:

Results - LB Round 3:

  • drunkality [1] - [2] EURO| ~ (Pavlov + Bocage) - Golden Map (Tigertown)

Results - UB Final:

  • d`logics. [2] - [0] barbeque ~ (German_Town + Powcamp) - Golden Map (Brecourt)

Results - LB Round 4:

  • drunkality vs barbeque ~ (Neuville + Hurtgen) - Golden Map (Pavlov)

Results - Grand Final

  • d`logics. vs TBA

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