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  • Date :22 Feb, 2021

Weekend Extravaganza!

We are pleased to announce that the registration for our rifles only weekend competition will be going live on the 22nd of February.

If the competition proves to be a success, we may look into making weekend competitions a more regular thing. We are hoping that a short competition will bring in more players and teams.

If you are interested, follow the links below:

For all information regarding the cup and how to register: https://www.vcod.gg/tournaments/vcod-ro-weekend-cup-1.
For all information regarding the cup rules: https://www.vcod.gg/rules/vcodro/.

If you are looking to take part in our upcoming competiton, make sure you join the vcod.gg Discord at: https://discord.com/invite/9RpWkEyzkY. You can also visit the #recruitment channel to create or join a team.

See you on the battlefield!

vcod.gg ~ team