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  • Date :21 Nov, 2021

We Are Back Baby!

We've been waiting. We've been watching. We've been listening. Your voices were heard, and we're here to deliver. In 2021, 18 years after the game's release, a winter edition, weekend cup competition, for all you lovers of the rifles only scene!

Registration for the winter competition will open on Monday 22nd November, 19:00 CET.

The competition will take place on Friday 10th December - Sunday 12th December - teams MUST be available for all three dates.

As always, for the competition to go ahead, we have set a threshold of 8 teams - we fully expect to meet this, anything extra is an added bonus!

Please ensure that you read the competition information and registration details before signing up, as well as the competition rules. It is really imporant that clan leaders - and the players - are familiar with the rules, so that matches run smoothly.

Cup Information and Registration: https://www.vcod.gg/tournaments/winter-weekend-cup-2021/.
Cup Rules: https://www.vcod.gg/rules/vcod/.

If you are looking to take part in our upcoming competiton, orif you just want to catch up with old friends, make sure you join the vcod.gg Call of Duty 1 Rifles Only Community Discord at: https://discord.com/invite/9RpWkEyzkY.

We look forward to seeing you!

vcod.gg ~ team