In 2010, razRR and infeXio set up and founded the vCoDcupseries, a cup competition for the rifles only community. The aim was to give the community new aspirations and to inject competitiveness into the game.

Having support from a few select moderators ensured the vCoDcupseries competitions were a huge success, and with the addition of dream to the admin team, we also hosted multiple successful competitions on United Offensive. In total, we hosted over 15 Call of Duty competitions in 4 years.

We thrived with offering various competitions throughout the year, that were exciting and innovating. On top of this, we aimed to achieve clean competitions and encorporated a banlist to make sure this was possible.

A lof of our success was down the support from the community, and we thank you!

About vCoD.gg


Sporting a rejuvenated name, vCoD.gg, we are here to re-build this awesome community and provide competitions all year round.

With your support and dedication, we can achieve greatness.

vCoD.gg ~ team